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Star Tours 2:
Star Tours will be improved at Californai and Florida. It will be in 3D and will be better in motion simulating. Star Tours will close on October 2010 and re-open in 2011.
Hwaii Hotel:

Disney is doing s hotel at Hawaii. This hotelwill have a fantastic story of Hawaiian legends and the Hawaiian paradaise. It will receieve a beautyful architecture and amazing views. You will have to visit it.
HongKong Disneyland will get an awesome expansion with 3 new lands
A. Grizzly trail: an abandned mining town.
1. Big Grizzly Mountain Coaster will be one of the best coasters Disney has ver made. It will include a fantastic story with audio-animatronics, it will go backwards as in Expedition Everest and it will receive a launch like California´s Screaming launch.
2. This land will also include Geysers play area and a schooting gallery.
B. Mystic Point: A mysterious land in an uncharted forest.
1. Mystic Manor will be a ride tthruoght a mansion full of super-natural forses.
2.Mystic Garden is a mysterious garden with illusions.
C. Toy Story Land: The toys invite guests to play at Andy´s backyard.
1. One ride has a U shaped track. Thsi ride is called Andy´s RC racers.
2. Parachute Drop: You join the army men to this training ride. They shoot you up a 25m tall tower.
3. Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin is were you´ll joing the dog chasing his tail.
This new aditions will open in different times. The lates adition will open 5 years from now.

California Adventure´s Expansion
1. Cars Land will be done. Its size is of 12 acres. It´s very similar to Rout 66 in the movie:
A. This land will include one E-ticket attraction called “Radiator Spring Racers”. This ride will have a similar technology as Test Track in Epcot. At the ride, you can race people in another vehicle. Part of it is a dark ride, while another part is a fast roller coaster. The Ride will be the most expensive ride ever built in Disney land. The imagineers actually let people see the video they made about how it will be.
B. The other family attractions that will open are called “Mater´s Towing” and Luigi´s Tires. Mater´s Towing is where you´ll ride a crazy truck. I don´t know if you remember the Flying Sources attraction at Disneyland where you actually ride a flying vehicle, unfortunately it didn´t work so well. The imagineers figured out a way of making them fly better. The attraction will open as Luigi´s Tires.
2. Buena Vista Street will be the entrance. It is made to look like LA when Walt Disney first got there. It´s very similar to Disney´s Hollywood Studios. This land will have red vehicle going from Buena Vista Street to Hollywood Land. It will include the Partner´s Statue, but with a younger Mickey and Walt.
3. Paradise Peer will be decorated as a Victorian Style Board Walk.
A. Little Mermaid Ride: An omnimover vehicle ride were guests enjoy a classic dark ride were they actually feel they are under the sea.
B. Mickey´s Fun Wheel: This ride has already been completed. In case you didn´t know, they replaced the Sun Wheel with Mickey´s Fun Wheel.
C. Wonderful World of color is a show that will happen in the lagoon with water projections and many fountains. Right now, they´ve already have the fountains and they are refilling the lagoon.
D. Silly Symphony Swings will be an incredible ride where you ride a flying swing and sorround the ride seeing your favorite Disney characters. You´ll find that Mickey appearced at the top of the ride.
E. The maliboomer will be taken off. I think they´ll take it off because of the lack of Disney magic it has.
F. Goofy´s Sky School is the new theme of Mulholland Madness.
G. Some say the Maliboomer will be fixed to be as the Jumping Jellyfish ride.
H. The games of the boardwalk were re-themed to a more disney-friendly them
Shanghaai Disneyland?
Some say disney will do a 3.59 billion dollar part at Shanghai by 2014.

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